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For no extra cost, Pristine Professional Cleaning can do all our cleaning services using ‘green cleaning’ methods. Our standard cleaning kit is already eco-friendly, non-toxic, cruelty-free and where possible, vegan. We are fully proficient with ENJO and Norwex, and also use the plant-based products from Method and Earth Choice.  We use these products along with a range of good quality cloths and tools, as well as old and new cleaning techniques and clever ‘hacks’ (read about some of them here!) Cleaning in this way gives us the same or better results without the burning, itchy fingers, eyes or throats associated with some traditional cleaning products. We will only use stronger chemicals, such as those containing bleach, ammonia or other surfactants, upon the request of our clients.

Our 6 Eco-Friendly Commitments


We all want a clean home, but the traditional cleaning products available on the market are often a cocktail of toxic chemicals, such as bleach (sodium hypochlorite), ammonia and harsh detergents or fragrances. Besides being allergens and irritants, these ingredients can be harmful to human health and the environment.

Here at Pristine Cleaning we feel that there’s no reason to use chemical-laden cleaning products when our natural, non-toxic alternatives work just as well or even better. When using our services, you can rest assured that you will get a sparkling clean home while only using ingredients that are biodegradable and non-toxic. We are happy to fully disclose ingredient lists for all products we use, so you can see for yourself!


For those that suffer allergies or intolerances to certain ingredients in cleaning products, we provide natural, hypoallergenic alternatives. This includes fragrance-free options and even completely chemical-free options.

Furthermore, our vacuums are equipped with HEPA filters, which are perfect for those that are allergic to dust and dander! Talk to us about how we can give you an allergy-sensitive cleaning service today.


Here at Pristine Cleaning, we also support the elimination of palm oil as an ingredient in cleaning chemicals due to its unsustainable and environmentally destructive farming, and so we do our best to choose cleaning products that are palm oil free or have minimal palm oil ingredients.


Pristine Professional Cleaning are firmly against animal testing and strive to support cleaning products that do not test on animals. We are also opposed to using cleaning products that contain animal derived ingredients, and we look forward to the day when we do not have to confirm the cruelty-free status of every product we buy.

Manufacturers of cleaning products are typically evasive about their animal testing practices, and so we have often had to do extensive research to determine if they do or don’t. If you would also like to avoid brands that test on animals, go here. Conversely, if you would like to know which brands have verified cruelty-free status, go here.

On a recent trip to Japan, some of us at Pristine Professional cleaning HQ were amazed at how much Japanese people recycle their waste! There were probably at least 5 recycling bins for every 1 normal waste bin that we came across. Wouldn’t it be awesome if Australians could follow suit! As inconvenient or trivial as it might seem, we believe that recycling is an important part of the way that we run our business, so we always favour products made from recycled materials and ones that are easy to recycle once they have been used. We want to see less plastics in our oceans and in landfill!

We recognise that ethical standards can be subjective, but here at Pristine Professional Cleaning we strive to make choices that minimise any negative social and environmental impacts. We provide above-award working conditions to our staff and try to support businesses that don’t engage in exploitative labour practices or that are irresponsible about their environmental impact. We believe this socially-conscious approach sets us apart from most of the cleaning businesses out there!

If you have any questions about our eco-friendly cleaning practices, do not hesitate to contact us here.

“Really happy with the clean last week.”

West Leederville


“Hi Satya, thank you for your time earlier. You were very detailed and knowledgeable. After speaking with my husband we have decided to do the windows ourselves but would love you to look after the inside and carpets as discussed.
Looking forward to meeting you on Monday.”



“Your team recently did a clean at my rental property in Palmyra, Monday. I just wanted to thank them for doing a wonderful job. I will recommend you guys highly for anyone who asks.”



“Yesterday’s clean was great as usual.”

South Perth



We use tools and non-toxic cleaning products to get great results. Our method of natural cleaning avoids nasties like bleach and ammonia and instead uses human and environmentally friendly cleaning products such as the Method range, Gumption, microfibre cloths, scrubbing brushes and good ol’ fashioned elbow grease. We’ve been providing allergy free and chemical free cleaning to Perth for over 5 years because we’re passionate about cleaning that keeps you and your loved ones safe.

Sure, if you have a product that you’d like used in a specific area that’s not part of our normal eco-friendly cleaning kit, you can either supply the product, or let us know and we can bring some along.
No problem, we’ll use what you do have and finish off the clean with our own generic microfibre cloths. They work the same as ENJO, and ensure a chemical-free clean of your house.

We specialise in ENJO and chemical free cleaning so all of our staff are fully trained and competent in using ENJO correctly.

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