We love chemical free cleaning Perth’s homes because we know that chemical free cleaning provides a safer and healthier alternative to traditional cleaning for both you and the environment. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that chemicals requiring you to wear a mask while you are using them, probably aren’t good for you. But you may not know that there is a non-toxic cleaning alternative that is just as effective. Your cleaning chemicals are likely to be the most toxic things in your home and can cause acute or chronic conditions, as well as being a hazard in the house if the kids get into them.Corrosive cleaners such as drain cleaner and oven cleaners are the most dangerous cleaning chemicals. These chemicals, including bleach and ammonia, burn the skin and eyes upon contact. Combining them can create toxic chloramine or chlorine gases.
For people with sensitive skin or eyes or respiratory conditions such as asthma, lung or heart conditions, the corrosive or irritating effect of cleaning chemicals is likely to cause an acute irritation to the skin, eyes and airways.
Exposure to toxic chemicals through their use over a lifetime can cause more acute conditions such as cancer, respiratory disorders, hormonal disorders and reproductive difficulties. Chemicals also contribute to indoor air pollution, negatively affecting the health of your family.
Children especially, in the womb and as infants, are far more susceptible to environmental toxins than adults. Exposure to chemicals early in development can cause and exacerbate chronic and disabling diseases such as cancer, asthma, birth defects and neurobehavioural dysfunction as well as increasing the risk of disease and disability later in life. The human reproductive system in particular is very vulnerable and exposure to chemicals can cause infertility. There is also the ever present risk of fatality from an accidental poisoning by ingesting dangerous cleaning chemicals. Statistically, the vast majority of poisonings happen in the home from the ingestion of poisonous chemicals.
People react differently to chemicals, but why take the risk of having the chemicals in your home? There’s no upside to cleaning with toxic chemicals when you can get just as good a result with chemical free cleaning. So call today and experience the best Chemical Free Cleaning in Perth with Pristine Cleaning.
Saving the earth with Eco-Friendly Cleaning.
More and more people are moving to eco-friendly cleaning or green cleaning as they become conscious of the effects of the products they use in their home on the surrounding plant and animal life, waterways and air. Cleaning products which contain ingredients such as phosphorus, nitrogen and ammonia are particularly dangerous to the environment. While most pollutants are removed from the water by waste treatment facilities after they go down the drain, phosphorus, nitrogen and ammonia, common ingredients in many household cleaning products, are likely to make it through the treatment process, be returned to waterways and build up, contributing to the accelerated growth of certain plants. As the plant life grows due to excessive nourishment, it overwhelms the other plants and animal life in the waterways. As the plants then die, they decay and deplete oxygen from the water. Algae then grows and all the animals start to die of, causing more decay.
Algal bloom has devastated many of Perth’s waterways making them unsuitable for use, hindering our outdoor lifestyle and affecting tourism to our lovely corner of the earth as well as causing poisonings to animals and humans. This is caused in part by pollution, including the waste from household cleaning chemicals being released into waterways.
These chemicals may also simply build up in the waterways and negatively affect the quality of our drinking water. Released into the air, cleaning chemicals also
It is also important to consider the packaging your products come in. Where ever possible opt for recycled packaging and larger containers so that you’re contributing less waste to landfill


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